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Nanjing Okun metal products Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of aluminium and iron products businesses, products include luxury aluminium door, aluminium Seiko guardrail, aluminium stairs, wrought iron products, iron products, galvanized steel products and PVC fence etc.. The company was founded in 1998, was established in 2001, the company production plant is located in Nanjing City, Jiangning Development Zone, covers an area of 2000 square meters, is located in Jiangdong stores Home Furnishing Jinsheng international city and Yuhuatai Hong Yang decoration city.

The company has 60 technical staff, including 4 engineers, 2 designers and 3 managers. After years of experience and experience, the company has developed standardized and specialized production, and the whole process is equipped with quality control. Now, we have first-class professional iron designers and skilled forging technicians, who are capable of designing and manufacturing large scale projects such as hotels, hotels and residential quarters at home and abroad.

"European Kun" from the design to the installation of a dragon service, to implement the product planing light, plastic spray and other special treatment, anti rust, corrosion protection, beautiful and generous. The products mainly include forging doors, anti-theft doors, anti-theft windows, external walls, balcony rails, stair handrails, coffee tables, screens, furniture, wedding stacks and other decorative products.

"Okun" implement the scientific and effective management mechanism, orderly marketing strategy in system, establish a mutual benefit distribution network, promote Okun's corporate culture, set up the European Kunren professionalism, thus establishing the "Okun" brand in the same industry leading position in the. In order to perfect management mechanism, standardize design standard, improve product quality and offer preferential price, our company is constantly developing and innovating, and is willing to thank our customers with high quality service.


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